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Great Gift Ideas!

‘Ello Farm Friends!

We hope you’ve had yer waterproofs packed this week! Tis been a wee bit wet to say the least! We’em feelin rather wintry down ere at Dairyland. The animals are all snuggled away for the cold snap but don’t forget the Bull Pen is open Thurs – Sunday every week (for amoozin fun whatever the weather!)

It won’t be long til Father Christmas makes an appearance, me and Dazy are already makin our Christmas wish lists! Dazy wants some cosy legwarmers (pack of 4 of course!) and I’m after an iPaddock (so I can play me Mooosic!). Sheep Dog CuddlyJohn Deere Push-n-Roll Johnny TractorAnyways, if yer stuck for gift ideas be it birthday or Christmas, don’t forget that we got our famtastic online shop, check it out ere: 

Course, you could always go for a gift that keeps on givin…. a season pass! The perfect pressie that’ll last all winter!

Look forward to seein ya’ll in the Bull Pen!

Grab yer woolley jumpers!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 11 Nov 2014
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