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Animals ‘Out of Hours!’

‘Ello Farm Friends!

Me and Dazy wanted to let ya know how amoozin tis to see so many of ya in the Bull Pen each week. Tis a great way of burnin off some energy when tis just too chilly to be outdoors. When we’re not havin fun on the demon drop, we told ya in our last blog that we’ve been trawling through the Dairyland Moo Tube Channel and checkin out all the old vids. Ere’s a great one we found, in case you’ve ever wondered what the Dairyland animals get up to ‘out of hours’, check it out! ……

Don’t forget, the Bull Pen is open every Thursday to Sunday each week, we can’t wait to see moo!

Grab yer winter passes!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 20 Jan 2015
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