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Let it Snow!

‘Ello Farm Friends!

Me and Dazy are gettin a wee bit excited, we saw a bit of the white stuff this arvo, tis quite a rarity down ere in Cornwall see. We normally only get a dustin down ere so we were ‘well jell’ when we found this vid on t’internet. BEWARE!! Serious cute alert!!

Anyways, we hope you get to have some winter fun in the snow, but if tis too cold to play, don’t forget there’s udderly amoozin fun to be had every weekend in the Bull Pen and it won’t be long til February half term when the whole park will be open. Stay tuned for details of what we’ve got in store for ya!

Grab yer sledges!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 2 Feb 2015
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