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Pets Rock this Half Term!

‘Ello Farm Friends!

Are ya lookin forward to half term? Me and Dazy can hardly sleep! We tried countin the Dairyland sheep but they’m a noisy bunch!

Anyways, we told ya in our last blog bout some of the unBULLievably excitin stuff we got goin on, includin our Pets Rock workshop! Check out our amoozin vid to see why so many of our farm friends are so excited!

Course, there’s also all the fun of the park, the animals are really lookin forward to seein moo, come and have a cuddle in our pat-a-pet corner. Are ya ready for the demon drops in the Bull Pen? Explore the nature trails, check out the farm mooseum and enjoy a pony ride, we could go on and on, tis gonna be udderly mooverlas!

Grab yer family and friends,

Love Boris



Posted by DairylandFun on 9 Feb 2015
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