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Dear Santa………….

‘˜Ello Farm Friends!

Well, Me and Dazy don’t wanna worry you, but tis only 5 weeks til Christmas! Who’s organised???

We’ve been busy makin our Christmas list for Santa…we know tis a bit early but we’re well excited!

Dazy wants a new Baaaarbie doll, and I’ve got me eye on this Spider Cow……………….( it’s not just you humans who’ve got heroes ya know!)


Cow Hero

The Amoozin Spider-Cow!

Anywayz, the Christmas lights are goin on all over Cornwall, we hope you enjoy the build up! If you need to get rid of a bit of that excitement, don’t forget the Bull Pen is open every weekend…that should do the trick!

Grab yer Christmas lists!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 19 Nov 2012
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