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5 Phrases you’re Guaranteed to Hear in the Summer Holidays!

So, it’s here. For many parents, like myself, the prospect of the looming summer holidays brings feelings of both excitement and mild dread. While it’s great to spend quality time with the family, there’s also the pressure to ‘do stuff’ while still trying to juggle work and get used to having the house overrun all day. This familiar situation prompts some standard phrases which I can GUARANTEE will be used in abundance during the next six weeks. See how many you check off the list! …………………..


1) “It’s too early!” – Having spent a substantial part of the year struggling to get the children out of bed in time for school, you can guarantee that as soon as you get the chance for a well-deserved lie-in, the little ones are doing their best cockerel impressions well before your desired 9am wake up.

2) “I’m bored” – you know it’s coming, even if you’ve spent the entire day running them ragged on the beach, invited a hoard of school friends and had a Haribo induced lunch, those 2 words can turn any pleasant afternoon into an instant battle, prompting those good ol’ favourites: ……’sooo ungrateful’, ‘I don’t know why I bother’ etc, etc.

3) “I can’t find………..” – I don’t know about you, but I find keeping the house tidy is a constant struggle, I’m a true ‘surface tidier’ (don’t open that cupboard!). But when the little ones are at home, you can guarantee that the minute your back is turned and the vacuum is away, the sound of a Lego box being emptied resounds around the house, coupled with the realisation that the Nutella jar has been violated and it’s not going down well with the Magnolia walls. My organised chaos turns into an unfathomable junk pile – where is that shoe?????????

4) “Can I have……….” – short answer: NO.

5) “Can we go to Dairyland?” – Now, there’s a good idea. No matter what the weather, there’s always a full day of family fun to be had. Whinging is kept to a bare minimum (them and me) as they explore the park, have cuddles with the animals, take a pony ride and burn off some energy in the Bull Pen.

Roll on summer.


Posted by DairylandFun on 21 Jul 2016
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