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‘Ello Farm Friends,

Well the summer may not have been all sunshine but there’s always somethin at Dairyland to make you feel all warm inside! The animals are lovin their cuddles with you. Me and Dazy thought we’d put up a few pics for you to enjoy!DL_Animals August 2015-5J6oiYCAs7hy2FHfBeKAs-RCmuIAS99PiA8fKebtBklYsM7_aUFxPa5RDv3Hiu8_J1D65gKmG5HQNYBJpXDeTQ4s_x4__B1W14JG0b2wPfjP2bZzIfzYKUiHDJDuM3A0zU

DL Pigs-3Don’t forget, it’s fun Dairyland whatever the weather, so geddon down for farmtastic fun all day!

Grab yer wellies!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 25 Aug 2015
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