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Autumn Magic!

‘Ello Farm Friends!
Well , most of you mootful lot are probably back at school now, we hope you’m enjoyin it! Tis really feelin like Autumn already and tis one of our favourite times of year down ere on the farm. The leaves are turnin and there’s a crispness to the mornin air.leaves
Tis a busy time of year for the farmers as it’s Harvest time when crops are cut to store or sell. Look out for farmers busy on their tractors, give them a wave if you see em! DL Lambs-1
Don’t forget, the whole park is open right up until November, the animals are lookin forward to some cuddles, the ponies can’t wait to treat you to a ride and the nature trails are calling out to be explored.Dairylands Nature Trails_x4__B1W14JG0b2wPfjP2bZzIfzYKUiHDJDuM3A0zU
Enjoy yer amooozin Cornish autumn!
Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 7 Sep 2015
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