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Chilly Weekends are Sorted!

‘˜Ello Farm Friends!

Well, winter is certainly ere eh! Me and Dazy av been a bit on the chilly side. Our mates the sheep are comin in handy, they’ve just shed a bit of wool for a nice cardy each….Moootiful!

Anyways, tis hard to know what to do at the weekend when tis so cold outside, luckily the Bull Pen is open so you can get a bit of colour in yer cheeks with a bomb down the Demon Drop or a scramble in the ball pool!


Having a Blast in the Bull Pen!



If you’ve got any pics of you havin’ a blast in the Bull Pen (and you don’t mind sharing em on Facebook and Twitter), send em to …you could be famous!

Grab yer cameras!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 14 Nov 2012
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