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Cute Winter Animals

‘Ello Farm Friends!

Brrrrr tis gettin mighty fresh out there now eh! Well, me and Dazy have been enjoyin cuddlin up in the barn and messin about on the compostuter, (tis quite a slow connection but still!).

Anywayz we were lookin over at the sheep all huddled up together and we thought we’d have a look for some cute pics of animals in winter. Ere’s a few of our faves we found on that Pinterest site7eca75da4c52edeb7d535ee84d6dd4f65def8af04e854ca737b9a5cba6831c4d 3618fdd26a29c6f6a266ddc4d293e6ab e07f0b5e79b0374f0a6012aa7a399dba:

Snow joke bein this chilly ya know!………



Anyways, don’t forget you can always work up a sweat in the Bull Pen this winter! Tis open every Thursday to Sunday!

We can’t wait to see Moo!

Love Boris


Posted by DairylandFun on 13 Jan 2016
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