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Dealing with those Post Holiday Blues


I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to get ‘back into the swing’ of things since the Easter holidays. Normally, by half way through the fortnight I’m craving some routine, not this time. Ok, so the children’s voices did become a little like Tinnitus at times, but overall we had a thoroughly good time as a family.


So, I got to thinking about ways to get myself back in the driving seat. Here’s my checklist:

1) Plan ahead – it’s great reminiscing over those great moments you’ve had over the break and feeling a bit flat about the day to day (wanting to smash the alarm clock, being a little too enthusiastic as you cut the packed lunch sarnies etc). By booking your next break or planning a fun day, you can appreciate the daily routine much more.

2) Balance – after a few late nights and a bout of overindulgence it’s easy to either: a) go on total detox, give up chocolate and swear to be in the gym every night as soon as the little ones head’s hit the pillow OR b) refuse to get off the holiday train and carry on staying up late and having a glass on a school night.

Personally, I’ve found a good balance is best. Having a few restful evenings, perhaps a couple of sessions at the gym but also not feeling guilty about having that ice cream and re-living your break.

3) Entertain the Children – it’s not just the grown ups who need a little re-adjustment after a holiday, children can also feel a bit ‘all over the place’. If the first day getting ready for school was like a scene from Gladiator, you’re not alone.

After a well-behaved couple of days at school, I’ve told the children they’ll be rewarded with a trip to Dairyland – IF they behave well this week. So far, the halos are holding.

Suddenly, the day-to-day feels good again.


Posted by DairylandFun on 13 Apr 2016
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