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‘Getting-out-the-Door’ Syndrome


I’m not sure if it’s just our household, but there seems to be some sort of ‘condition’ that comes over the children when it comes to leaving the house. No matter how much time we allow to get ready (often hours), when I announce that it’s “time to go!” (for the 337th time),

the whole family appears to freeze.


The shoes that I’ve been tripping over in the hall all week seem to disappear into thin air, my voice becomes inaudible to small ears and the freshly washed and pressed clothes that looked SO delightful just 10 minutes ago, are now speckled with many shades of blurgh; it looks like I’ve subjected the children to a painting and decorating course! (damp cloth at the ready!).


Typical family symptoms include:

  • inability to find any necessary belongings
  • daydreaming
  • extraordinary ability to find non-essential belongings
  • sudden need for the toilet
  • varying degrees of whining
  • fear of leaving the house 


However, thankfully there is  a perfect antidote to this common family ‘condition’, the mere mention of a trip to Dairyland and the symptoms seem to vanish immediately. How refreshing!…………. I know where we’re off to at the weekend!

 DL Bull Pen 2015-38



Posted by DairylandFun on 23 Feb 2016
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