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Great Ideas for Making Wildlife Fun!

The temperatures are finally rising, the plants are budding beautifully and the insects are waking up with the warmth. With so much wonderful wildlife all around us, here are some great ideas for making the outdoors great for little ones! Enjoy! ……….


1) Draw a plant – Let them choose which one, then let them enjoy making an observational drawing. Maybe go online and try and identify the plant they’ve drawn.

2) Collect Seasonal Objects – Whether it’s a new leaf, a piece of shedded lambs’ wool or a bird’s feather. Make a checklist and keep them entertained for hours.

3) Take some spring photos – with the longer days, why not combine a leisurely stroll with a wildlife photo shoot? See what insects, birds and plants you can find and photograph them.

4) Look out for new life – whether it’s spring lams leaping, calves suckling or baby birds cheeping. There’s so much magic to be found at this time of year.

5) Get crafty – use what you find and try making something; whether it’s a rock friend, a miniature garden or some jewellery made from natural materials.


At Dairyland you can combine all of these things while you enjoy the farm’s wonderful surroundings. From the nature trails where you’ll find lots of incredible wildlife, to new born lambs and baby chicks. Of course, there’s also all the other fun stuff too, like slides, rides and even a heritage museum. Ready to spring into action?

Posted by DairylandFun on 5 May 2016
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