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Hot, Hot, Hot!

‘Ello Farm Friends! Tis been a real scorcher this last week and tis forecast for more o’ the hot stuff at the weekend. Me and Dazy have been enjoyin the warmth but we’ve been takin it easy, we don’t want to burn our hides!. I must admit I’m quite pleased with me new trunks although Dazy reckons theym a bit tight.

Ice Cream

Thank Moo for Ice Cream

We hope to see lots of you mootiful Farm Friends very soon, Dairyland is an ansome place in the sunshine (and the rain). Oh, and remember, next time yer lickin yer fave ice cream, you might wanna say thanks to us bovine friends, cos one gallon of ice-cream needs 12 pounds of whole milk……from udder to udderly gorgeous! Come and say hi soon! Grab yer Ice creams! Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 11 Jul 2013
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