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Some children just love learning from an early age, they lap up information, engage with new experiences and respond to parental praise and encouragement. Others, find it harder to appreciate and struggle with conventional ways of learning.

 Girl reading

 With my eldest, I struggled to keep up with her  homework, she just loved reading and writing and embarrassingly, could out-do me in the maths department at a startlingly young age (no reflection on me of course).

My youngest however, showed little interest in school work, he found it hard to sit still and the prospect of text book being put in front of him was enough to prompt either a full-scale search of the house (after he legged it at such a pace, only Usain Bolt stood a chance of catching him), or otherwise displayed an emotional meltdown only fitting for an episode of Eastenders.

If you’re lucky enough to have a child that wants to learn, that’s great. But there are some subtle ways of teaching children without it seeming  like work to them. I call it ‘stealth learning’. For children like my youngest, real-life experiences are a great way of engaging them.

A trip to Dairyland is a perfect way of combining fun with learning. Children can interact with the animals, learn about farming and nature and even food production (kids love the working milking parlour). With nature trails and feeding times as well as the vintage tractors and heritage museum, you never know, you might  even learn something too!

Posted by DairylandFun on 20 Apr 2016
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