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Old School Ideas for Long Journeys with Kids!

With the Bank Holiday Weekend and half term nearly upon us (where have those weeks gone???), many families will be setting off for a mini-break around the country. But keeping the little ones entertained without plonking them in front of a tablet for hours, can be tough on a long car journey. Here are a few ‘old school’ tips for melting that mileage away………..


1) I-Spy – it’s an oldie but a goodie. Educational and fun – a perfect combo and can keep the whole family engaged for a good stretch of the journey.

2) Sing-a-longs – Whether it’s the trusty 10 green bottles, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody or even the  latest chart entry from Rhianna, singing along is a great bonding exercise as well as being great fun and spirit-lifting.

3) Spot the Yellow Car – This is great fun, especially as even younger children can join in. Every time you spot a yellow car, shout up! don’t forget to keep you your scores – maybe a have a treat ready for the winner!

4) Number Plate Games – Especially effective in a dreaded tailback. There are lots of variations, whether it’s the numbers – like bingo, or making acronyms, for instance, if the first part of the plate is  – ‘FMR – you could say ‘Fast Man Runs’ or ‘Furry Mouse Rat’ – it doesn’t have to make sense!

5) Map Games – Although they may be a thing of the past by the time these children get behind a wheel, a good ol’ traditional map gives a great understanding of the lay of the land. Get older children to help navigate, let the children follow their progress on paper, ask them to help look out for landmarks and junctions.

Of course, many of you will decide to stay in the Duchy over the holiday, with many others heading down to our neck of the woods for a welcome break. After being cooped up in a car, or as a great half term day out locally, a trip to Dairyland will be a perfect way of uncoiling those little springs. Plenty of grassroots fun and things to do and see…….. Udderly Mootiful!

Posted by DairylandFun on 19 May 2016
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