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‘Ello Farm Friends!

Well, I dunno bout you but me and Dazy seem to be at a birthday party every weekend at the moment! (We’em celebratin every day seein as Dairyland is 40 this year!).pic 4


Is it your big day comin up? have you thought about a party at Dairyland? Tis farmtastic fun and you can leave all the organisin to us! there’s more info ere:


Childrens Birthday Parties at Dairyland Farmworld

Course, tis always difficult to know what to buy our fellow farm friends for their special day, but don’t worry! the Dairyland shop has got an udderly mooverlas selection of gifts and toys to choose from. If you live too far away to pop in, don’t worry you can buy online too!

Big Red Tractor Money Box

Anyways, all of us animals are lookin forward to seein you all very soon,

Grab yer party bags!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 15 Sep 2015
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