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The Latest Summer Giveaway. Simples!

‘Ello Farm Friends!

Me and Dazy wanna tell ya bout the latest summer Dairyland giveaway!

Have ya seen our newest arrivals the Meerkats? They’m sum sweet I tell ya!

Name the Meerkat!

Name the Meerkat!

Come and see us!

Come and see us!

Trouble is they’ve not got names and we were wonderin if you clever farm friends could help us out? Now, coz they’m so young we won’t know if they’m a girl or a boy until they’m 12 weeks old, so pick names that are suitable for both girls and boys. The best will win a family day pass to Dairyland, so you can come and meet the little bewties in person!

Good luck!

Grab yer name books!

Love Boris :)

Posted by DairylandFun on 18 Aug 2014
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