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The Strange Habits of Small People



My friend called me yesterday, desperately worried about her 4-year-old son who has developed an unusual obsession. The little lad simply won’t leave the house without wearing his underpants on his head. I tried not to snigger as I consoled her that many children go through ‘little phases’.

So, here’s the question: do we try and curb this odd behaviour? or celebrate our little ones eccentricities?

Despite finding my friend’s story amusing. It’s easy to find it funny when the shoe’s on the other foot. My son, when initially joining pre-school, had an obsession with vests. Not just having one on under a jumper, but ONLY wearing vests. He looked like a mini Jason Donovan circa 1988. Every time I tried to get him to put an over garment on, we had a meltdown only comparable to what’s currently happening to the polar ice caps.

Luckily, he grew out of it. As he did his superhero costume fetish and his non-water related swimming goggle propensity.

2012-01-23 18.54.02

It’s hard to know when to put your foot down and when to allow them to indulge. As parents, the decision has to be an individual one.

Thankfully, at Dairyland Farm World, the dress policy is very relaxed and all vested, head-pant-wearing, Spidermen, Hulks, Wonderwomen and Elsas are always welcome.


Posted by DairylandFun on 8 Mar 2016
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