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Tiny Tantrums

Most people with a child under 5 years old have experienced  the dreaded ‘toddler tantrum’. (if not, who are you? make yourself known!). Some are plagued by the ‘terrible twos’ , others the ‘troublesome threes’ sometimes a phase of difficult behaviour rears its head as ‘feisty fours and fives!’ It’s all very normal and don’t forget, no one said it would be easy! (although, no one said it would be that hard either!)

This trying behaviour also neatly coincides with broken sleep, newly formed ways of explaining what one is doing wrong, and is often topped off with a burning passion for anarchy.

sunday 015

Many of us have experienced that most embarrassing of parental scenarios, namely a horrendous meltdown somewhere public (ie the supermarket, library, grannie’s house etc etc), when junior decides that their parent is looking far too calm and starts kicking off in a glorious fashion!

There are a few triggers that can be almost guaranteed to get the average toddler spiralling, namely:

So, when the little one’s belly fire is burning, just  what can we do? Well, my advice is to pack a bag, jump in the car and make a beeline for Dairyland. The Bull Pen is the perfect place for letting off steam, whatever the weather. You may even get time to enjoy a nice cuppa too! problem solved (for a few hours anyway!).


Posted by DairylandFun on 2 Mar 2016
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