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Why Kids Benefit from Animals…..


Most children are born with a natural interest in animals. As we grow up we tend to value animals for select reasons, perhaps food or wool they provide or the companionship that they offer. Children, on the other hand value animals on a very basic level, they bond and appreciate them for simply being alive. Here are some great reasons why introducing young children to animals is a great idea…………

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  • Imagination – asking a child to ‘imagine what it’s like’ to be another creature is a fantastic way of developing empathy, vocabulary and caring in a child. Whether it’s piglet fighting its way through the litter to suckle its mother, a duckling frantically trying to stay in line behind its mother or a butterfly gently hovering on the breeze. Wild animals have unusual behaviour and diet (jumping, flying, bug-eating), lots of things that young children fantasise about.
  • Knowledge – learning where food comes from has proven to be a great catalyst for encouraging children to make healthy choices later in life. Learning about the non-human world around us is a valuable way for children to understand about their place in the world and concepts of power and vulnerability.
  • Caring –  “Biophilia” is a theory about humans innate affinity for other living creatures – effectively, it’s in our genes! Looking after an animal that’s dependent on you is great way of learning about stewardship and empathy which can also help with human relations too.
  • Practical Engagement – In a fast-paced modern world of technology and screens at every turn, nature and wildlife offer a rare chance to observe and contemplate. A moment of quiet and still without any digital noise. Time out to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

At Dairyland Farm World, children have an opportunity to get up close to a wide range of animals from cows, pigs, goats and sheep to birds, meerkats and horses. The Milking Parlour experience shows children how milk is produced in a fun and engaging way. Plus, there are loads of really cute and friendly animals for the children to bond with. The nature trails are teaming with wildlife from newts and frogs in the ponds to butterflies and (if you’re lucky) even an otter!

Fun, educational and valuable experiences for young impressionable minds – all in one place!………. sounds like a no-brainer!



Posted by DairylandFun on 5 Apr 2016
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