Milking the cows at Dairyland Farm World

General Information

For your enjoyment, comfort and safety during your visit to DairyLand Farm World, we draw your attention to the following:-

  • Although our animals are friendly and tame, they may bite or peck if teased or chased.
  • Only feed animals or birds with the animal and bird food from the shop or reception.
  • Please observe the age or height restrictions on play equipment or facilities.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult with parental responsibility at all times.
  • Please be aware that close contact with any animal can present significant health risks.

For your protection you should follow these points:-

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly after contact with animals. Especially before eating, including ice-cream and snacks.
  • Children should be supervised whilst hand washing. Try to minimise small children putting hands to mouth.
  • If a child has a toy or dummy with them, please take extra care to keep them clean.
  • Hand washing facilities are situated in the: Hay Barn, The Bull Pen, Pony Stable, Park Toilets and Main Entrance/ Exit.


  • Support dogs only allowed into the park.
  • For all other visitors with dogs, shaded car ports with drinkers are provided with an area in the overflow car park to walk your dog.


  • Applications for all positions in writing with c.v. Karen Greenwood, Director, DairyLand Farm World, Newquay. TR8 5AA or Email:
  • Part time vacancies available from 1st April – 2nd November 3\4 days and may involve some weekend working.  Please send CV to
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