Cornwall Nature Trail for Kids

Nature Trail

and the Lamborghini Hayride…

At DairyLand Farm World you can walk the Nature Trail or take the Lamborghini Hayride for a leisurely trip down the lakes to feed the ducks, fish and swans. The award winning Nature Trail offers a unique opportunity to walk in the countryside and observe conservation and modern farming working together. The Nature Trail passes through a range of different natural habitats supporting a variety of wildlife. It is a gloriously peaceful part of DairyLand Farm World… we hope you have time to explore the Nature Trail.

The Lakes

The lakes support an enormous range of wildlife, such as diving beetles, water snails, dragonfly nymphs, frogs, toads, newts, leeches and fish. The number of fish in the lakes depends on Mr.Heron who may visit each day to collect his supper! Wild mallard regularly nest and if you are quiet you should see Mrs. Moorhen and her brood scurrying around the edge of the lake. Watch out for her bright red beak. A new visitor to the lakes are the pure white little egrets from Egypt who are colonising the estuary in Newquay. It is most exciting to find evidence of OTTERS around the lakes. It seems that they travel up from the lower river, a tributary of the Gannel, in search of food. We are happy to encourage the otters, even if they do take a few fish for their supper!

Look out for the unique CORNISH STONE HEDGES made up of different layers, which each support a variety of plants and animals. There are two shelters on the trail called CRIB HUTS. Crib is the traditional Cornish name for a tea-break. Traditionally everyone on the farm stops at 10am for crib. During harvest, farmers stopped for Crowse, or harvest tea at 5pm.

Download DairyLand Xplorers sheets:
Clarabelle’s Farm trail under 5′s
Clarabelle’s Farm trail 5-7 years
Clarabelle’s Farm trail 7-11 years
Guinevers Nature trail under 5′s
Guinevers Nature trail 5-7 years
Guinevers Nature trail 7-11 years

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